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    Future of Phase Change Memory

      Mike Strickland
     Jul 14, 2014

    Presentation is about the Future of Phase Change Memory. Our agendas are Current State, Value Proposition, Technology Ramp Model, Adoption Barrier. Value Proposition lower Idle Power: for mobile Stable production option for Hybrid Enterprise Flash Cache Controller, System Memory Hierarchy Flash Cache Endurance for Enterprise, Better endurance for high IOPS environments. MLC NAND endurance getting worse in new process geometries. Hybrid Enterprise Flash Cache Controller PCM and NAND aCM for Metadata/logs, Block table, Partial writes Garbage collection. Hot data tagging PCM for RAID parity Fast Less ECC. Better endurance, PCM write thru/write back cache. Fast innovation, Hybrid controller algorithms. What is hot, what goes where Partial writes, write thru, Uncertain forecast MRAM, RRAM Competitive latency, cost, End Market size Need fast TTM, Differentiation Dedupe, hybrid algorithms, etc. Increasing technology gap High ASIC dev costs. vs. FPGA 8G SerDes PHY Usually on 40 nm PCIe Gen3, 12G SAS.

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