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    Improved Failure Analysis Through New Focused Ion Beam Technology

      Adam V. Steele, Brenton Knuffman
     Mar 18, 2016

    Focused Ion Beam-based Failure Analysis: A technique in jeopard- FIBs provide unique capabilities to perform one-off modification to prototype ICs; FIBs may be unable to meet the evolving needs of the end-users in the SEMI space without performance improvements. Cs+ Low Temperature Ion Source (LoTIS) will offer new capabilities to semi end-users: Expected Capabilities- <1 nm spot sizes @ 1 pA, 30 keV; Max Current ~10 nA; Efficient Sputtering with heavy ion; High performance @ low beam energy; Integrated analytical capabilities (i.e. SIMS).

    Important Tags: FIB Strengths, Liquid Metal Ion Source, Low Beam Energy, Anticipated Applications, LoTIS Prototype
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    Domain: Electronics
    Category: Semiconductors

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