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    Improved Stochastic Imaging Properties using PSM for EUVL

      Jung Sik Kim, Seongchul Hong, Jae Uk Lee, Seung Min Lee, Jinho Ahn
     Nov 2, 2014

    Improved Stochastic Imaging Properties using PSM for EUVL. Photon shot noise effect in EUVL Degrades stochastic imaging performance, Suggestion of a thin attenuated PSM, Comparing PSM with conventional BIM, Photon latent image simulation results, Aerial image simulation results, Stochastic imaging performance simulation results. Fluctuations of the number of photons detected due to their occurrence independent on each other. 2014 International Workshop on EUV Lithography, Statistical fluctuations between photon and photoresist, Exposure dose–number of quanta, Photon energy and dose, Small number of quanta for shorter wavelength–Large shot noise. Distinct difference in the distributions of absorbed photons, Less diffusion at the edge of the patterns by using PSM. In order to alleviate PSN effect in C/H pattern, we suggested attenuated phase-shift mask concept. By using PSM Dose-to- size were reduced, Image contrast & ILS of aerial image were increased, CDU & CER were improved comparing with a conventional BIM. PSN effect was effectiviely mitigated with the PSM resulting in the improvement of stochastic imaging properties and consequently increasing the device performance of contact resistance and saturation current.

    Important Tags: Stochastic Imaging Properties, photon shot noise effect
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    Category: Semiconductors

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