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    Increasing energy efficiency with semiconductors to enable energy savings and create more comfort

      RenĂ© Penning de Vries
     Jul 26, 2013

    "Increasing energy efficiency with semiconductors to enable energy savings and create more comfort - Semiconductors improve the quality of life Comfort, sustainability, security, mobility, ease-of-use. A chart of Where does our energy go? - Yearly global energy consumption - Smart chips can help reduce electricity consumption in end-applications. From energy generation to consumption. Areas where ICs can make a difference. Conversion of solar power. Solar: not always ideal...Practical shading/soiling cases. Local converters optimize overall efficiency - Micro controllers, half-bridge drivers, auxiliary supplies, protections, ..Smart grid: a great opportunity. Confluence of IT and power - Remote lighting control - Every lamp IP addressable Low-power, IP-based wireless connectivity, 2.4-GHz 802.15.4 wireless; Tx/Rx current below 17mA, Ultra-low-power standby: < 30mW listening mode capability, GreenChip chipsets: highly efficient, dimmable drivers for smart lamps. Link to internet services - Upload data from switchable plugmeters to internet services like Eragy. Display on smart phone, PC or tablet. Power conversion is omnipresent - Global chargers market. EnergySTAR EPS and state-of-the-art solutions. Reduction of lost power in power conversion. Power saving in the load: basestations. Demand from telecom operators. More band-width Better power efficiency. Power consumption by typical, 3G basestation: 620 W NXP’s components save ~120 W per unit Global power saved: 140MW (about 0.2 power plant. Power saving in basestations: how? - NXP improved the LDMOS technology. Past decade: > 20% point efficiency gain at 2.14GHz (UMTS band) Also efficiency gain through circuit design improvement:Doherty amplifier architecture. Power discretes get better every year..Power reduction by technology and design. Analog design has not stood still...Power-performance has come a long way...Full load computational capacity and direct active power per computer. Performance efficiency per computer grows 1.5x per year‣Follows Moore’s law. And, there is more to come:low-power and performance tuning space. Analog assisted digital design. On-the-go performance is ever increasing High-End standard micro-controllers. Clear trend towards higher performance, more power-efficient MCUs Improving user experience, allowing Internet of Everything. The intrinsic power efficiency of semiconductor technology has come a long way... and it is not yet coming to an end."

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