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    Industry Standard Benchmarks for Flash

      Walter E. Baker
     Jan 19, 2015

    A “measure of success” during product development, A factor in internal product positioning, A key differentiator in competitive positioning. Performance – End-User Perspective- I/O performance is a key factor for successful application performance. Throughput– IOPS needed to support required OLTP application performance requirements. Data throughput needed to support sequential application performance requirements, Response Time: IOPS response time required OLTP application performance requirements. Price-Performance- Vendor Perspective: A key differentiator in competitive positioning, End-User/Customer Perspective: What is the realistic cost, including hardware maintenance and software support, for a product that meets performance and power/energy consumption requirements. Power/Energy Consumption- An increasingly important factor for consideration along with performance and ‘traditional’ price-performance. End-users/customers are developing energy ‘budgets’ during data center planning to consider: Increasing cost of finite energy sources: coal, petroleum products, etc. Ecological impact of increasing energy use. Storage Performance Council (SPC)- The SPC provides the means to accurately assess and compare storage performance, price-performance and power/energy consumption for both storage vendors and end-users/customers. SPC Objectives- Provide an incentive for storage performance improvements in the storage industry. Enable end-users/customers to accurately compare storage product performance. Establish a “level playing field” for storage vendors to differentiate products. Publicize storage performance results. Ensure accuracy and authenticity of those results. SPC Component Benchmarks- SPC-1 and SPC-2 provide that type of performance measurement and comparison, but are used for large complex storage configurations.

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