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    Intel’s Next Generation Microarchitecture Code Name Skylake

      Julius Mandelblat
     Nov 16, 2015

    Technology Insight: Intel’s Next Generation Microarchitecture Code Name Skylake:- Introduction and Overview Core Microarchitecture Interconnect and Memory Power and Thermal Other IPs and Technologies Chipset Highlights Overclocking Summary and Q&A.What is Skylake? Using 14nM benefits to deliver new microarchitecture improvements for client and server: Scalability, Performance, Power, Media and Graphics. Skylake Development Adventure: Start-3x TDP scale 2x form factor range Classic PC IO set, Finish- 20x TDP scale 4x form factor range Both PC and tablet I/O set 40%-60% less SoC power on video, multimedia, winidle. Product Development Vectors: Form factor reduction, Support small form factor platforms, Continues Intel® Architecture performance improvement, Battery life scenarios power reduction and energy efficiency, Improved GFX performance and multimedia capabilities, New security technologies. Intel’s Skylake Microarchitecture: Increased chipset I/O throughput, Tablet I/Os, Audio DSP Upgrade, Sensor Hub. Higher resolution display, Bigger/wider core, better instruction per clock, improved power efficiency. Enhanced ring/LLC for improved throughput.Integrated camera ISP, Extended overclocking capabilities, Faster DDR Memory, Advanced Processor Graphics GT3 + eDRAM, GT4 + eDRAM; OpenCL™ 2.0 API, DirectX® 12, OpenGL* 4.4. SKL Core Microarchitecture at a Glance (1 of 2):- Segment optimization- Dedicated server and client IP configurations. Improved front-end- Higher capacity, improved Branch Predictor, Wider Instruction supply with deeper buffers, Faster prefetch. Deeper Out-of-Order buffers-Extract more instruction parallelism. Improved execution units-Shorter latencies, More units, Power down when not in use, Speedup of AES-GCM and AES-CBC by 17% and 33% accordingly.SKL Core Microarchitecture at a Glance (2 of 2) :- More load/store bandwidth- Prefetcher improvements, Deeper store buffer, fill buffer and write-back buffer, Improved page miss handling, Better L2 cache miss bandwidth, New instructions for better cache management. Improved Hyper-Threading- Wider retirement. New Security Technologies- Skylake core supports Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) technology: Supports new instructions and flows to create and isolate enclaves from malware and privileged software attacks, Enables usage of trusted memory regions (trusted enclaves).

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