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    Is The World Ready for ExaScale Flash?

      Gary Lyng
     Sep 26, 2015

    Traditional Technologies Simply Fail!HDD challenges-Must Design for Failure & Inefficiencies, Forces massive redundancy in operations, Creates more copies of data than needed, Slows response times. HDD direction not addressing the problem-Larger disks, longer the rebuild time, Cloud drives, spin-down – poor performance, High redundancy still required.It’s Time to Shift to a New Platform that Accelerates Innovation. Petabyte Capacity Flash is Inevitable:Challenges-Affordability & Cost of Ops, Reliability, Complexity creep, Efficiency, Quality of Service, Works at Scale. Market Drivers–All Flash Arrays:$ per IOPS and latency, Comparable $ per GB to HDD, Managed services and QoS, $ per rack density, $ per WATT, $ Power utilization efficiency. ExaScale Requires..with Quality of Service:Scale-out Capacity + High Density, Performance On-Demand, Efficiency-Low operating Cost, Simplicity. Big Data Flash for ExaScale Workloads:Content Repository-Large containers for long periods with on-demand rapid access, Mixed Media container, Active-archiving, Backup, Locality of data. Big Data Analytics-Hadoop, NoSQL, Massive Read Intensive operations, Time-to-Value & Time-to-Insight. Media Streaming-High read intensive access from billions of edge devices, Hi-def video driving even greater demand for Capacity + Performance.Perspective for Consideration:1) Cloud & Hyperscale Applications driving unprecedented data growth in both Structured and Unstructured data, demands a new approach to storage -- Everything as a service with a service level objective, 2) Cost-optimize Capacity, Reliability and Performance-Favor scale-out over scale-up techniques, Simple, regular infrastructure leverages volume purchasing,, 3) Must consider Real-World TCO not just $/GB - The Math is Compelling, 4) Open-Source Software often has the highest rate of innovation, ride-it & contribute, 5) It is Your Right & Your Applications Right to have unprecedented QoS @Scale.

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