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    KOKUSAI ELECTRIC earns "THE BEST" award in Fab Equipment on strong product performance ratings

      Risto Puhakka
     Jun 24, 2021

    KOKUSAI ELECTRIC honored with 3½ VLSI Stars in 10 BEST Large Suppliers of Chip Making Equipment earning esteemed score of 7.96. Receives its highest score in product performance. This is KOKUSAI ELECTRIC 24th consecutive year winning a VLSIresearch 10 BEST award. KOKUSAI ELECTRIC uses topnotch thin film deposition technology to produce high-quality semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Increases rating by 10 basis points in software. Customers award KOKUSAI ELECTRIC with an average rating of 8.1 in product performance. Highest scores: product performance, partnering, uptime, support after sales, recommend supplier, quality of results, overall value, and software. KOKUSAI ELECTRIC’s highest ratings are from Rest of the World and Taiwan. Rest of the World average rating of 8.71 and Taiwan average rating of 8.51. Received majority of surveys from China. Increases its average rating in Rest of the World, China, and Korea. Rest of the World by 171 basis points, China by 82 basis points, and Korea by 19 basis points. KOKUSAI ELECTRIC earns 3½ VLSI Stars in THE BEST Suppliers of Fab Equipment. Receives 8.0 and higher in 8 rating categories. Customers highly appreciate KOKUSAI ELECTRIC’s great product performance and partnering. Develop semiconductor manufacturing equipment that leverages first-rate thin film formation technologies. 10nm microfabrication technology close to the physical limit delivering to top semiconductor manufacturers. KOKUSAI ELECTRIC runs a comprehensive production control system that encompasses all phases. R&D, order receipt, design, procurement, manufacture, shipment, installation and setup, and servicing and maintenance. Its semiconductor manufacturing systems enable the rising high-functionality and high-performance of semiconductors.

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