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    LDPC Compiler For NAND Flash and SSD Controllers

      Nenad Miladinovic PhD
     Sep 6, 2014

    Proton Read Channel: LDPC-Based Read Channel provides significant (10x-20x) improvement in NAND Flash longevity. LDPC Compiler; LDPC Compiler supporting a wide range of data-rates , 50MB/s to 3.5GB/s for a single LDPC instance (in 40nm process). List of parameters selected prior to instantiation:Codeword size (Macro-level: 1KB vs. 0.5KB vs. 2KB, etc.) , Several parameters for degree of parallelism and memory access options. After compilation, each instance is supporting:Simultaneous support for different amounts of parity/code rate , Simultaneous support for several LDPC codes , On-the-fly switching from one LDPC code to another , Each matrix can be an arbitrary LDPC matrix subject to certain constraints. Design Implementation; ASIC, eASIC and FPGA implementation and integration are supported ; (1) ASIC implementation ; Cadence Design Flow , TSMC libraries , Trial place and route at IP/Block level. (2) eASIC implementation; LDPC Compiler is run with a custom option set for eASIC , Full integration with eASIC design flow, design implemented with clock frequency up to 500MHz.(3) FPGA implementation , LDPC Compiler is run with a custom option set for FPGA. Sufficient Iterations for End-of-Life; LDPC Decoder computational load and power consumption increase towards the End-of-Life of SSD: LDPC Compiler guarantees sufficient iterations for End-of-Life; Guaranteed sustained 3.5 LDPC iterations for quoted data-rates , Maximum iteration limit is programmable and is typically much higher. From LDPC to Flash Read Channel; Significant testing and system optimization required for full Flash , Read Channel Solution – LDPC is only a component; Read Channel testing on various Flash Geometries: 2X/2Ynm, 1Xnm , “Special Commands” from different Flash manufacturers. Testing on full manufacturing yield distribution , Flash samples from production line “Bad Samples” from production line.

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