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    Leading at the edge of Moore’s Law with Intel Custom Foundry

      Sunit Rikhi
     Oct 1, 2014

    Intel Custom Foundry: Flexible Business Models, Customer Design + Intel and Third Party IP = Custom Product. Intel Standard Product Design + Customer and Third Party IP = Semi-Custom Product . SOC Features in 14nm technology: High Q Inductors , High Density MIMCAP , Precision Resistors , RF Transistors , Low Leakage, Long L Transistors, High Voltage I/O Transistors. Intel’s Flip Chip Package Portfolio: Package-on-Package , Ultra-thin , Small Form Factor Chip Scale Packages. Introducing High Density Modular Test (HDMT): Common Architecture - Fast TTM Engineering Module - >30 sites with parallel, asynchronous operation in production module. Flexible Architecture - Enables standard instrumentation integration (PXI). Low Cost - > 2X Cost improvement over conventional test platforms. Foundry Design Kit (FDK): Design Tool Drivers: Technology files, DFM Templates: Device, Layout, Fill, Design Rules: Run-sets LVS1, DRC2, RV3, Models: Simulation and RC4 Extraction, Full Chip Integration Collateral Library, Memory (SRAM1) Cell Library^2, Logic Synthesis , Floor Planning / Place & Route , Design for Test / Test Pattern Generation , Timing and Noise Analysis , Physical Verification , Reliability Verification: EM1/SH2/IR3 Drop , RC4 Extraction , Design for Manufacturing: Fill. IP Offerings: Advanced Mixed Signal IP: Phase Locked Loop/Delay Locked Loop , Low Drop Out voltage Regulator , Crystal Oscillator , Adaptive Voltage Scaling circuits , Clock Receiver & Divider , Digital Thermal Sensor , General Purpose IO , High Speed Programmable IO ,Voltage Reference IO , Digital Random Number Generators. Intel Custom Foundry is open for business. We support a full range of flexible custom and semi-custom service business models. Our customers have access to co-optimized advanced manufacturing technologies including silicon, packaging and test. To enable customer designs, our design platform offers industry standard kits, silicon proven IP blocks and design services for low power SOCs to high performance infrastructure devices.Our manufacturing platform offers highly optimized silicon engineering and production services that take full advantage of Intel’s Integrated Device Manufacturing (IDM) capabilities.

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