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    Making Error Correcting Codes Work for Flash Memory

      Anxiao (Andrew) Jiang
     Feb 2, 2015

    Constrained coding for inter-cell interference- Inter-cell interference in flash memory: One constraint to set for q-level cells: The difference between adjacent levels cannot be too large. A concrete example: Avoid (q − 1)0(q − 1) pattern for adjacent cell levels. Minghai Qin, Eitan Yaakobi, and Paul Siegel, “Constrained codes that mitigate intercell interference in read/write cycles for flash memories,” in JSAC Special Issue, May 2014. Further reading- F. Sala and L. Dolecek, “Constrained rank modulation schemes,” in ITW 2013. K. A. S. Immink, “Coding schemes for multi-level channels with unknown gain and/or offset,” in ISIT 2013. K. A. S. Immink and J. H. Weber, “Minimum Pearson distance detection for multi-level channels with gain and/or offset mismatch,” draft 2014. Berman and Y. Birk, “Error correction scheme for constrained inter-cell coupling in flash memory,” NVMW 2011. Dong, S. Li and T. Zhang, “Using data post-compensation and pre-distortion to tolerate cell-to-cell interference in MLC NAND flash memory,” in IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems I, 2010. Ordentlich, G. Ribeiro, R. M. Roth, G. Seroussi, and P. O. Vontobel, “Coding for limiting current in memristor crossbar memories,” NVMW 2011. Cassuto, S. Kvatinsky and E. Yaakobi, “Sneak-path constraints in memristor crossbar arrays,” in ISIT 2013. Rewriting Data in Flash Memories- Basic concepts: Rewriting: Change the value of the stored data. Requirement: The cell levels can only increase, not decrease, in order to avoid block erasures. Objective: Maximize the number of times the data are rewritten, or maximize the summation of the code rates over the multiple rewrites. A joint coding scheme for rewriting and error correction, which can correct a substantial number of errors and supports any number of rewrites. Challenges of parallel cell programming for MLC- Dilemma among: Capacity, Speed, Reliability and endurance. Due to: Inflexibility in adjusting cell levels.

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