Memory: the new bottleneck ... a conversation with Er-Xuan Ping of Applied Materials

     Dr. Er-Xuan Ping     Applied Materials
      89616      Jun 6, 2017
    Memory continues to be a hot topic for the industry. So we've brought Er-Xuan Ping back to have a conversation about why the technology is getting so much attention up and down the stack and what are the drivers behind it. Also covered is how it's affecting the need for materials down in the wafer fab, where all memory starts its journey to the electronics near you. Here are some of the topics addressed:

    • Why has memory become the bottleneck?
    • Where is it needed?
      • Closer to the processor?
      • Inside the processor?
      • Closer to each processor core?
      • Inside the core?
    • Impact of Self-Driving Cars/Autonomous Vehicles
      • How SDC/AV affects the need for memory
      • New architectures
    • How is embedded memory a game changer?
      • How to make the economics of eMemory work
      • How it drives material engineering
      • What is the roadmap?

    Er-Xuan Ping is Managing Director of Memory and Materials Technologies in the Advanced Product and Technology Development Group of Applied Materials (AMAT). He has previously held positions at Sandisk and Micron Technology. Dr. Ping holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Iowa State University 
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