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    MEMS Fabrication Process Flows and Bulk Micromachining

      Thara Srinivasan PhD
     Mar 8, 2017

    Mechanical Properties of Silicon:- Crystalline silicon is a hard and brittle material that deforms elastically until it reaches its yield strength, at which point it breaks. Tensile yield strength = 7 GPa (~1500 lb suspended from 1mm²). Young’s Modulus near that of stainless steel. {100} = 130 GPa; {110} = 169 GPa; {111} = 188 GPa. Mechanical properties uniform, no intrinsic stress. Mechanical integrity up to 500°C. Good thermal conductor, low thermal expansion coefficient. High piezoresistivity.

    Important Tags: Photoresist Application, MEMS Fabrication, MEMS Devices, MEMS, Photolithography
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