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    MEMS Fabrication Technology Training

      May Wang
     Oct 17, 2014

    MEMS – Today; MEMS devices in volume in 2013 (in RED)? IMU combo, Magnetometer, MEMS microphones, Pressure sensor, Humidity + Temperature sensor, BAW filters and duplexers, Antenna tuner. New MEMS devices in volume in 2018 (in RED)?: 9-axis combo Pressure + Humidity + Temp Combo , More microphones! , Silicon timing , Antenna switching , Gas / Biochemical sensors , Auto-focus , MEMS Micro-Mirrors , Micro-speaker , Touchscreen? , IR sensor? MEMS Device Trend in Mobile Apps: 6-axis IMUs are the hottest market since 2012, and discrete sensors market share decline but will still be used in some platforms. Because of strong price pressure and high adoption rate, the total market will stabilize from 201 5. Microphone market share sees significant increase in 2013. Pressure sensor now used in high volume - for GPS improvement today, and for LBS services soon . Humidity + temperature sensors are also adopted in 2013 as they reached the size, cost and software requirements . Top 20 MEMS Manufactures 2013: Bosch Sensortec (focus on consumer electronics and mobile devices) is the major driving force behind the overall growth of its MEMS related business in 2013. ST MEMS foundry business revenue (~220M) is not included in the calculation. Knowles being the No.1 in market share holder in MEMS microphone, enjoys 47.5% increase in its overall revenue in 2013. Capacitive Accelerometer: The basic principle of operation behind the MEMS accelerometer is the displacement of a small proof mass which is suspended by small beams (spring). Consistent with Newton‘s second law of motion (F = ma), as an acceleration is applied to the device, a force develops which displaces the mass (kΔX). The support beams act as a spring, and the fluid (usually air) trapped inside acts as a damper, resulting in a second order lumped physical system. The elastic spring is required to provide kinematic displacement of the proof-mass in the axis of sensitivity; this will produce a suitable sense signal while being sufficiently rigid in other axes to eliminate cross-axis sensitivity.

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