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    More than Moore: Market and Opportunities

      Jérôme Azéma
     Jul 26, 2016

    Key driver for mobile applications: There is a high need of being constantly- connected to a high flow of information, being updated to information, update our mobile gadgets, to know everything that is going around us and around the world, to be informed at every second, the need to share – social networking just exploded. Mobility Facts: Due to increased access to mobile devices and information, the use of mobiles will continue to increase. Opportunities in different markets: Mobile and wireless applications are still the main market for FOWLP- Baseband modem and RF transceiver with FOWLP used in several phones (Nokia, Samsung, etc...), Wider portfolio of applications to spread.

    Important Tags: Wireless Applications, SOI Wafers, RF Applications, MEMS Market, Mobile Applications, Mobile Gadgets
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