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    Keith Lee: President and CEO, Advantest America
    Advantest’s strategies during the downturn and the key drivers in Memory and SOC test   Play Audio 30 Jun 2009 12m02s
    Mark Bohr: Senior Fellow and Director of Process Architecture & Integration, Intel
    The State of Process Development at Intel - 32nm, 22nm, 15nm, Defect Densities, Hi-K, Strained Silicon & Billions of Transistors   Play Audio 09 March 2009 30m19s
    Nasser Grayeli: Vice President, Technology & Manufacturing Group, and Director, Intel
    Finding Competitive Advantage in Packaging   Play Audio 05 Dec 2008 16m56s
    Lithography Panel 2008:
    Andrew Hazelton, Nikon  
    18 Nov 2008
    18 Nov 2008
    18 Nov 2008
    18 Nov 2008
    Tom Caulfield: Executive VP of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service, Novellus
    Memory and Logic Divergence & its Impact on IC Equipment   Play Audio 23 Jul 2008 18m49s
    Kazuo Ushida: President, Nikon Precision Equipment Company
    Advancing Nano-Lithography   Play Audio 14 Jul 2008 21m16s
    Anantha Sethuraman: CEO of DFMSim
    Introducing DFMSim   Play Audio 01 Jul 2008 17m27s
    Brian M. Krzanich: VP & GM of Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Intel
    Manufacturing at Intel   Play Audio 24 Jun 2008 35m41s
    Peo Hansson: General Manager of ASM America, Inc.
    Performance Improvements in
    Play Audio 14 May 2008 19m45s
    G. Dan Hutcheson: CEO of VLSI Research Inc
    The Shifting Winds of Power   Play Audio 30 Apr 2008 26m48s
    Gary Patton: VP, Semiconductor Research and Development Center, IBM
    IBM’s 32nm Hi-K Chip Technology
    23 Apr 2008
    Sunit Rikhi: Vice President, Technology and Manufacturing Group, Intel
    Extreme DFM at Intel
    19 Feb 2008


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