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Intelligence to make better decisions faster

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Steven Dwyer: Vice President & General Manager North America, EV Group
EVG gives an insight into how customer satisfaction plays a key role in their recent success   Play Audio 21 Jul 2009 12m59s
Chi Yu: Sr. Vice President WW Field Service, ASML
Strategies and key elements that ASML uses to manage its customer satisfaction   Play Audio 17 Jul 2009 11m22s
Keith Barnes: Chairman of the Board and CEO, Verigy
Key element and strategies that helped Verigy captured top spot in THE BEST in Test category in the VLSIís customer satisfaction survey   Play Audio 01 Jul 2009 10m44s
Keith Lee: President and CEO, Advantest America
Advantestís strategies during the downturn and the key drivers in Memory and SOC test   Play Audio 30 Jun 2009 12m02s
Tom Caulfield: Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Customer Satisfaction, Novellus Systems
Novellusí strategies for driving their customer satisfaction and how his organization engages with customers to reach high performance   Play Audio 23 Jun 2009 12m33s
Mark Bohr: Senior Fellow and Director of Process Architecture & Integration, Intel
The State of Process Development at Intel - 32nm, 22nm, 15nm, Defect Densities, Hi-K, Strained Silicon & Billions of Transistors   Play Audio 09 March 2009 30m19s
Nasser Grayeli: Vice President, Technology & Manufacturing Group, and Director, Intel
Finding Competitive Advantage in Packaging   Play Audio 05 Dec 2008 16m56s
Lithography Panel 2008:
Andrew Hazelton, Nikon  
18 Nov 2008
18 Nov 2008
18 Nov 2008
18 Nov 2008
Ed Lechner: Director, Product Marketing, Custom Design, Synopsys
Synopsys' New Custom IC Design Suite   Play Audio 22 Sep 2008 12m54s
Mihir Parikh: President & CEO, Aquest Systems Corporation
A New Chip Equipment Business Model  video Play Audio 06 Aug 2008 17m51s
Debbora Ahlgren: VP & Chief Marketing Officer, Verigy
Trends in Test   Play Audio 30 Jul 2008 12m23s
Tom Caulfield: Executive VP of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service, Novellus
Memory and Logic Divergence & its Impact on IC Equipment   Play Audio 23 Jul 2008 18m49s
Kazuo Ushida: President, Nikon Precision Equipment Company
Advancing Nano-Lithography   Play Audio 14 Jul 2008 21m16s
Anantha Sethuraman: CEO of DFMSim
Introducing DFMSim   Play Audio 01 Jul 2008 17m27s
Brian M. Krzanich: VP & GM of Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Intel
Manufacturing at Intel   Play Audio 24 Jun 2008 35m41s
Peo Hansson: General Manager of ASM America, Inc.
Performance Improvements in
Play Audio 14 May 2008 19m45s
G. Dan Hutcheson: CEO of VLSI Research Inc
The Shifting Winds of Power   Play Audio 30 Apr 2008 26m48s
Gary Patton: VP, Semiconductor Research and Development Center, IBM
IBMís 32nm Hi-K Chip Technology
23 Apr 2008
Jeannine Sargent: CEO of Oerlikon Solar
What the Solar Cell Market is All About  
25 Mar 2008
Sunit Rikhi: Vice President, Technology and Manufacturing Group, Intel
Extreme DFM at Intel
19 Feb 2008


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