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Semiconductor Test Consortium (STC) Panel 2008:
Don Edenfeld, Intel   Play Audio 05 Feb 2008 5m50s
  Klaus Luther, Infineon  Play Audio 05 Feb 2008 6m48s
  Steve Wigley, LTX  Play Audio 05 Feb 2008 3m52s
  Bob Helsel, Bode Enterprises   Play Audio 05 Feb 2008 7m07s
  Q & A  Play Audio 05 Feb 2008 13m43s
Nippon Mining & Metals: Daisuke Oka, Strategic Account Manager &
Mike Goldstein, Principal-Materials Engineer
First 450mm Wafer from Nippon Mining & Metals Play Audio 23 Jan 2008 7m07s

Bill Holt: Senior VP & GM, Technology and Manufacturing Group, Intel
Business Incentives and Decision Making at Intel   Play Audio 21 Jan 2008


Forecast 2008:
George Scalise, SIA   Play Audio 11 Jan 2008


  Jim Handy, Objective Analysis   Play Audio 11 Jan 2008 11m45s
  Aida Jebens, VLSI Research Inc  Play Audio 11 Jan 2008 08m41s
George Scalise: President, Semiconductor Industry Association
America COMPETES Act – Lots of Rhetoric but Little Action   Play Audio 20 Dec 2007 8m35s
Lithography Panel 2007:
Gene Fuller, Nikon  

Play Audio 05 Nov 2007 20m14s
  Phil Ware, Canon   Play Audio 05 Nov 2007 12m04s
  Bill Arnold, ASML  Play Audio 05 Nov 2007 27m06s
  Audience Q&A   Play Audio 05 Nov 2007 26m15s
Yan Borodovsky: DFM and Computational Lithography, Intel
Computational Lithography: What it’s about and how it’s a Chip Making Revolution Play Audio 13 Sep 2007 23m09s

Computational Lithography: a demonstration

Play Audio 19 Sep 2007 7m57s

Lavi Lev: CEO, Credence
New Visions for Credence Play Audio 30 Aug 2007 19m36s

Art Zafiropoulo: Chairman and CEO, Ultratech
How Organic Growth Beats Acquisitive Growth in Hi-Tech Play Audio 10 Aug 2007 16m26s

Chandra Mouli: Director, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Intel
Enabling Intel’s R&D through
Automated Manufacturing
Play Audio 01 Aug 2007 38m18s

Tom Franz: Vice President, General Manager, Fab/Sort Manufacturing, Intel
Intel’s Manufacturing Pipeline Play Audio 25 Jul 2007 18m36s

Tom Caulfield: Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service, Novellus
Novellus Addresses the Rapid Transformation of the Semiconductor Industry Play Audio 19 Jul 2007 21m02s

Rick Wallace: CEO, KLA-Tencor
KLA-Tencor and Accelerating the 45nm Yield Ramp Play Audio 10 Jul 2007 18m54s

Steve Longoria: VP, Semiconductor Technology Platforms, IBM
IBM Microelectronics’ Common Platform: a new business model Play Audio 30 May 2007 26m51s

Henry Becker: President, Qimonda North America
Introducing Qimonda and Defining Their Competitive Edge Play Audio 10 May 2007 24m00s

Mike Polcari: CEO of SEMATECH
Current Trends in Semiconductor Research Play Audio 25 Apr 2007 24m54s

STC Panel 2007:
How Industry Standards Improve Test Productivity

Play Audio 22 Mar 2007



Jim Healy: President & CEO, LogicVision
Latest Trends in Design For Test   Play Audio 15 Mar 2007 17m25s

Mark Bohr: Intel Senior Fellow, Director of Process Architecture & Integration
Hi-k and Metal Gates Play Audio 02 Feb 2007 31m43s

Lithography Panel 2006:
Bill Arnold, ASML  Play Audio 21 Dec 2006 33m10s
  Gene Fuller, Nikon   Play Audio 21 Dec 2006 12m38s
  Phil Ware, Canon   Play Audio 21 Dec 2006 08m50s
  Audience Q&A   Play Audio 21 Dec 2006 21m44s



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