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    bohr Mark Bohr, Intel Fellow and Dir. of Process Arch. and Int., on....
    Intel's 65nm Process
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        20 Nov 2003 10m20s
    trautman Jack Trautman, Sr VP & GM of ATE Group at Agilent, on...
    Is Test Adding More Value than Wafer Fab Today?   
    18 Nov 2003 23m46s
      Audience Q&A video icon     18 Nov 2003 15m54s
    bernie Bernie Meyerson, CTO at  IBM's Microelectronics Division, on....
    The Road Ahead in Semiconductors
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    05 Nov 2003 22m35s
    ken Ken David, Director of Components Research, Intel, on...
    Developments in Hi-k materials
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    27 Oct 2003 15m25s
    arnold Lithography Panel: video icon
    Bill Arnold, ASML; Gene Fuller, Nikon; and Phil Ware, Canon,
    on...   193 immersion, 157nm, EUV, etc
    22 Oct 2003 45m14s
      1) Do any of you believe that 193 immersion will not work?
       Is 157nm 2-3x more expensive?
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    2) Have you had any trouble dropping tool on dock (i.e.,  
    getting acceptance)?   How do you get to the next sale?
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    22 Oct 2003

    22 Oct 2003

      3) Will your lives be easier if design rules are restricted? video icon
    4) Possibility of new technology between now and EUV? video icon
    5) Is there a narrowing of options in lithography enhancing
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    22 Oct 2003
    22 Oct 2003

    22 Oct 2003

      6) What is the highest NA and the lowest k you can expect
    on 193nm dry?
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    22 Oct 2003 01m37s
    jagiela Mark Jagiela, President of Teradyne Semi Group, on... 
    The Benefits of Multiple Test Platforms and Open Architecture:
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    What will be the prevailing Open architecture? video icon
    12 Aug 2003

    12 Aug 2003

      2) Is it possible to have a non-partisan consortium? video icon 12 Aug 2003 02m34s
      3) Teradyne joining consortium? video icon 12 Aug 2003 01m08s
      4) Tester companies don't die. Why? video icon 12 Aug 2003 05m00s
    stork Hans Stork, Senior Vice President of Silicon Technology Development at Texas Instruments,  on...
    How TI’s Decision-Making Process Yields Competitive Advantage:
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    18 Jul 2003


      1) Is there a role for E-beam tools for low-volume parts? video icon 18 Jul 2003 03m25s
      2) Low-k Materials video icon 18 Jul 2003 01m43s
      3) Has the level of customer involvement in technology development changed? video icon 18 Jul 2003 02m08s
      4) What's your view of optical interconnects? video icon     18 Jul 2003 01m43s
    This New Tool:
    The Chip Insider® checks out Genus's new Stratagem® 300
    video icon
          09 Jul 2003 16m07s
    mark bohr Mark Bohr, Intel Fellow, Director of Process Architecture and Integration, on....
    The Launch of P1262 90nm Process. video icon
        09 Dec 2002 28m50s

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    New Reality for Test: Paul Magliocco video icon   18 Jun 2003 38.2MB
      1) Structural vs Functional Test? video icon   18 Jun 2003 7.6MB
      2) NexTest's Position on Open Architecture? video icon   18 Jun 2003 4.1MB
    Advanced Process Control: Dick Deininger video icon   22 Apr 2003 69.4MB
      1) Where is APC used? video icon   22 Apr 2003 2.8MB
      2) Joint Process Development with IBM video icon   22 Apr 2003 5.5MB
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