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    NAND Flash Reliability and Optimization

      Barry Fitzgerald
     Mar 29, 2014

    In this electronic presentations shows the flash reliability with NAND storage. Introduction of this presentations with Research group, project goals, Flash reliability, Endurance/retention, test system, test process, Machine Learning , Genetic Algorithms, Genetic Programming, Application to NAND, Flash Modeling/Optimization, Research-to-date & future work, Flash Reliability depends on the Endurance: number of P-E cycles device can withstand and Retention: length of time device will retain data. GAs for Flash Optimization, GAs use binary strings such as register settings. Data after crossing point is swapped between both parents to form two new offspring. GP for Flash Modelling and use to device degradation and use to prediction of future performance and degradation and also predict for classify devices. Blocks cycled to destruction & program/erase times measured as function of cycle number. Timing data used as GP input and number of cycles completed used as GP output, Achieved up to 95% correct classification, when presented with unseen data. Genetic Algorithms (GA) is used for solutions represented as bit strings & Genetic Programming (GP) is used for solutions represented as bit strings.

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