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    Narrowing the Gap Between Packaging and System

      Ou Li
     May 19, 2016

    Narrowing the Gap between Packaging and System:- IOT, Mobile leading the growth. Internet of Everything. We are in connected world - Big Data, Cloud in future. Diverging Innovation – Market, Application, Technology. Increasing Competition- Performance, Cost, Time to market. Industry Dynamics: Vertical Integration - Hardware OEM establish IC and supply chain ownership. Content and Service provider develop hardware platforms. Moore’s Law slow down.Fab consolidation on advanced node. System company looking for platform Integrators. SiP/SiM and heterogeneous Integration for broad applications.

    Important Tags: Meptec Symposium 2015, Hardware OEM, 2.5D Si interposer HVM, TSV Technology, Platform Architecture
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    Category: Semiconductors

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