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    Network Adaptive Production Scheduling

     Jun 3, 2013

    Shortening Scheduling Time and Reducing Implementation Overheads with Asprova Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s Nagoya Plant manufactures equipment related to Factory Automation (hereafter referred to as FA), and holds a workforce of about 5,000 employees. This plant manufactures a diverse range of products including electrical discharge machines, laser processing machines, sequencers, programmable indicators, inverters, servo machinery, NC equipment, and industrial robots. The plant which manufactures electrical discharge processing machines is a model plant for the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation advocated FA integrated solution “e-F@ctory”. The introduction of this e-F@ctory took place in 2001 when the plant facilities were refurbished. At that time, Asprova was adopted as a production scheduler. Yoshihiro Kato, Manager of the Electrical Discharge Machine Tool Department, Mechatronics Machine Tool Division, comments on the issues prior to the introduction of Asprova, the reasons why Asprova was adopted, and the effects on its introduction. “Scheduling took up to 5-10 minutes with the old in-house developed scheduler” For electrical discharge processing machines processed at this plant, the number of processing parts per machine is about 8 parts. Asprova schedules the manufacturing processes that are divided up into about 1,300 orders every monthly. For these operations, use of Asprova allows optimization of the operational planning taking into account the set up work such as the tool replacement of the machining centers, etc. Introduction of Asprova coincided with FA system refurbishment The “e-F@ctory” is a solution based on the concept of utilizing computerized technology to allow visualization of the plant status, and aims at improving productivity at the shop floor. On-site information such as production results, operational results, and quality information from facilities and equipment is streamed in on a real time basis. This information system is used to support improvements in quality, construction schedule and productivity. Mitsubishi. Electric Corporation cooperates with a number of partners and provides access to e-F@ctory to the plants of our user companies. The electrical discharge processing machine plant of Nagoya Works is known as a model plant w here this e-F@ctory has been introduced. Given these circumstances, we are continually receiving requests to visit the plant and study our implementation. This plant manufacture.

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