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    Next Generation Intel® Processor Graphics Architecture Code Name Skylake

      David Blythe
     Apr 26, 2016

    Visual Computing Changing the End-User Experience:3D Graphics & Gaming- PC gaming: $23B market segment, Browsers & UI acceleration, Innovation: VR / AR; Ultra High Definition Media- Premium Content: 4K / UHD, HDR, 8K, User Generated Content, Video Conferencing, Content Creation; Vastly Richer Displays- Resolution growing by >10x, Quality: Retinal, > gamut / range, New: Low power, HMD, Flexible. Skylake Processor Graphics Overview: 3D Graphics- Breakthrough Performance: GT3, GT4 +eDRAM, Windows® Next Showcase – DirectX * 12, OpenCLTM 2.x, OpenGL 5.x, Vulkan, New compiler stack, Scaling from sub-4W to 65+W, Increased Performance / Watt: uarch changes and Cdyn reductions.

    Important Tags: 3D Graphics, Visual Computing, Processor Graphics, Skylake Processor Graphics, Gen9 Architecture
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