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    Nidec SV TCL dedicated partner to customers

      Risto Puhakka
     Jul 1, 2021

    Nidec SV TCL, a leading global supplier of innovative MEMS probes, high-performance probe cards, and semiconductor test solutions earns THE BEST Test Subsystems Supplier award for 9th consecutive year. Awarded 4½ VLSI Stars by customers with a strong 8.95. Nidec SV TCL provides quality semiconductor testing products while being environmentally responsible. Customers award Nidec SV TCL with a 9.0 average rating in supplier performance earning its highest score in partnering and commitment. 97% of customers said they will return to Nidec SV TCL for their probe card needs. Highest scores: partnering, commitment, spares support, support after sales, overall value, application support, and product performance. Nidec SV TCL received comments from 97% of their respondents, a 11% increase from last year. 50% of respondents who commented complimented on the great team Nidec SV TCL has and how easy it is to work with them all of these comments came from the regions of North America and Taiwan. Helpful and strong service & support came in second with 28% commenting. 22% commented on Nidec SV TCL outstanding product quality. Receives majority of its surveys and highest score from North America and achieves a 10.0 in every rating category. Nidec SV TCL improves its average rating in North America by 35 basis points. Earns 9.0 and higher in 11 rating categories in Taiwan with an average rating of 9.63. Assist customers in finding the correct solution for their unique requirements. Aim to continually advance Nidec SV TCL as a premier, quality test solutions provider to the semiconductor industry strive for excellence. Groundbreaking MEMS Probe Technology for a variety of test applications. Nidec SV TCL provides a wide variety of advanced testing solutions for key markets such as 5G, IoT, Medical, and Automotive. Commitment to customers, coupled with its technologies, make Nidec SV TCL an industry leader.

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