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    NVMe Conformance and Interoperability - How do we get there?

      David Woolf
     Oct 1, 2013

    NVMe Conformance and Interoperability - How do we get there? - An overview of this presentation is Why is UNH-IOL involved in NVMe Conformance and Interop?, What is Conformance?, How will we prove conformance for NVMe?, What is Interoperability?, How will we prove Interoperability for NVMe?. NH-IOL–Why are we involved? 3University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory UNH-IOL is an interop facilitation organization. Our Goals:conformance and interop test services and reporting, Training students to understand modern data communications and test tools. UNH-IOL is applying our collaborative test model to NVMe•Since late 2011 UNH-IOL has been working with the NVMe promoters group developing NVMe test documentation and tools Goal: Demonstrate that NVMe is interoperable through a continuous industry program of conformance and interop testing. What is Conformance? 6 Prove that a product meets all the requirements defined in the specification. Why is it valuable? it’s the foundation that allows the next generation of products to be backwards compatible, build confidence in a new technology, What are its limitations? Conformant products are not automatically interoperable. What is Conformance? How do we facilitate proving NVMe conformance?, Open Documentation of Conformance Requirements, 8UNH-IOL has created an NVMe conformance test suite document, Extracts all of the requirements of the specification and defines an algorithm for how test them, Available for download on UNH-IOL website, comments/feedback welcome. Common Tools - Intel has provided tNVMe tool to the community via github. Common PCIe analysis tools are adding NVMe functionality, such as LeCroy Summit. UNH-IOL is building on both of these platforms. Common Tools–UNH-IOL T.N.T. Software 10•UNH-IOL T.N.T. Software is based on tNVMe, but has a simple user interface for performing the conformance test requirements. Will be available to active UNH-IOL members. Maps tNVMe functions to match tests described in UNH-IOL test suite, Auto discovery of NVMe devices, Log and Save tNVMe output.

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