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    Open IC Design Platforms ... with Michael Wishart of Efabless

     Michael Wishart     Efabless
      34705      Aug 20, 2019
    Innovation in semiconductor industry has become increasingly challenged by the rising cost of design. Efabless is a challenging this belief with what it claims are new and much more cost-effective ways to bring innovative chips to market. This comes at a time when IoT is stretching the conventional ecosystem for ICs, which has opened a new market window. IoT hardware providers are often selling data based on connected versions of old products. - they are not necessarily sophisticated in electronics. Conventional IC design is not geared to this massive, collaborative, long tail sort of a process. At the same time, there has been a re-verticalization of ICs by F.A.N.G. and similar companies. Efabless was founded on the belief that IC innovation and IC growth can be accelerated with community-based models. Some of their success stories include the Air Force Design Challenge for 14 nm designs for autonomous vehicles. Also, Ergense taped out a neural network demo chip in 3 weeks from their introduction to Efabless's platform. Dan Hutcheson has a conversation about this with Michael Wishart, CEO of Efabless.
    About weVISION: weVISION is a series of video interviews of visionaries by G Dan Hutcheson, his career spans more than thirty years, in which he became a well-known as a visionary for helping companies make businesses out of technology. This includes hundreds of successful programs involving product development, positioning, and launch in Semiconductor, Technology, Medicine, Energy, Business, High Tech, Environment, Electronics, healthcare and Business divisions.