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    Opportunities and Challenges for the Chinese Semiconductor Equipment Industry

      ZHANG Guoming
     Oct 24, 2014

    Industrial Become More Important, Future Development Looks Good. IC Industrial Strategic Position Become More Important, Opportunities and Challenges Coexist United States thinks it is the most important technology to fundamentally change the manufacturing industry over the next 20 years. The European Union launched the micro/nano electronic technology industry development strategy. Challenges - Investment scale rising rapidly,marketing share concentrated to dominant enterprises , difference fields have 2~3 oligarch enterprises; International companies build cooperation alliances, M&A, Patent layout strengthen the core control ability, increase the barriers. Opportunities: Development of the new generation of mobile communication technology, emerging markets that represented by mobile interconnection growing rapidly,under national projects’ driven, such as the ATM card chip, information consumption, energy saving, Broadband China etc.,domestic market demand is strong. Chinese government has strong confidence to develop IC industry. IC ranked first in China’s imported products for many years - Ranked first in imported products for many years. 2013, the amount of imports for IC is 232.2 billion US dollars, increase by 20.94%. Opportunities: The implementation of National Science and Technology Major Project increase the innovation strength of domestic equipment enterprise and make the solid foundation for rapid development. The continued supporting policy for IC industry from government. New technology brings new marketing opportunities. Challenges:Domestic equipment whole system R&D got breakthrough but it is still difficult to reach mass selling , Need effective capital operation ability , Cooperation for industrial chain upstream and downstream need to be further strengthened.

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