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    Packaging photonics for speed & bandwidth

      Kaushik Patel PhD
     Sep 16, 2016

    The average smartphone user in 2015 consumes more data in less than a minute than a mobile user in 2000 did in an entire month. The Pervasiveness of Mobile in 2015: Two out of three people over the age of five have mobile phones. Mobile Perspective: The number of mobile users has quintupled since 2000. In 2015, more people have mobile phones than bank accounts, running water, cars, and landlines. Traffic Growth & Cost Trends: Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) → Projecting global IP traffic to increase 3X → 2014 to 2019, IP Traffic growth driving Optics transitions to higher speeds (10G → 40G → 100G), Higher speed ports driving lower bandwidth costs per Gb/s, Volume of ports will drive scale & cost.

    Important Tags: Silicon photonics, Internet protocol, Internet traffic, Mobile data, Smartphone
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