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    Panel Level Packaging Technologies as Enabler for Innovative Mobile Devices

      Rolf Aschenbrenner
     Oct 21, 2014

    Explosion of Thin & Small Form Factor: Driven by Mobility, Connectivity, Always on, Functionality and New Uses. Chip Embedding – Production Format Comparison. Leadframe technology - Established process many process options cost optimised. thin film technology - fast production ramp-up , today high I/O chips , 3D under development. PCB technology - begin of production , today low I/O chips , intrinsic 3D and power capability. Chip Embedding Technology: Features of Chip Embedding Technology - chip embedding by PCB technology , direct Cu contact to chip, no wires, no solder joints , improved electrical performance and reliability , thin planar packaging enables 3D stacking. Power Chip Embedding – Advantages: low inductances , 3D packaging , high reliability , top and back side heat transfer , shielding capability. Large Area Encapsulation Technologies: Compression Molding - Standard process for MAP molding and WL mold embedding, Use of liquid or granular compounds , Tooling adapted to wafer size needed , Current max. mold area: Ø 300 mm. Lamination: Standard process in PCB manufacturing , Use of sheets is standard, use of granular or liquid compounds is feasible , No expensive tooling needed , Current max. sheet size: 610x457 mm2. Panel Molding – APIC Yamada. Materials: Liquid , Powder/granular , Sheet. Application: Reconfigured WL and PL molding . Compression molding with 3D structures e.g. fins, channel, dimples . Large area MAP molding (encapsulation of wire bond, flip chips assemblies on substrates . Advanced substrates.

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