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    PCI Express Based SSD Test Methodologies

      John Wiedemeier
     Jan 23, 2014

    This PCI Express Based SSD Test Methodologies PCIe SSDs combine various Storage protocol layers on top of the PCI Express electrical, link and transaction layers. New tools and testing methodologies are required to meet the challenges of high performance SSDs. Testing PCIe SSD and Systems. Supports the Windows 7 NVMe Driver Emulates All NVMe Registers Admin Commands NVM Commands Write Read Compare Extensible for Vendor Specific Commands Queue Management Come up in Device Manager Extensible Vendor Specific Features (for Get/Set Features) Complete commands via Fused Commands (i.e. Compare & Write). UNH-IOL(University Of New Hampshire IOL) and the NVM Express Promoters Group are collaborating to create an interop and conformance test program centered at UNH-IOL. They will be creating a multi-vendor test bed to help products prove interoperability, and conformance test services to prove that products follow The NVMe Specification Correctly. Targeting Fall 2012. SCSI Express is based on the SCSI Over PCIe (SOP) host interface specification which enables SCSI initiators communicating to SCSI targets Over PCIe through the PQI transfer layer. SATA Express enables new devices to be developed that utilize the faster PCIe interface and maintain compatibility with a broad base of existing SATA applications. New testing methodologies are needed for NVM Express, SCSI Express and SATA Protocol analysis tools can show developers useful details About PCIe SSD transactions between the storage host and controller. Host and device emulation can discover performance, error handling and protocol issues that affect the quality of products.

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