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    Platform Computer Trends and Opportunities for COTS, Multicore Processors, Reprogrammable FPGA

      Gianluca Aranci
     Nov 24, 2016

    The interest to combine several functions and interfaces within a single “Avionic” Computer is always present in the space community A typical Avionic system in the 90s was composed by (e.g. XMM-Newton):- On Board Data Handling Computer (Processor, TM&TC, FDIR, Avionic Bus IF), OBDH Remote Terminal(s) to collect discrete TM and execute TC towards S/C users, AOCS Computer, AOCS Remote Terminal(s) to acquire attitude sensors and command actuators The need of many units was caused by the limited performances of available Microprocessors qualified for space application and sizing of discrete electronic devices to be used for I/O interfaces.

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