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    Progress of Printed Electronics and Next Challenge

      Ryuichi Takahashi
     Aug 8, 2014

    This presentation is about the Progress of Printed Electronics and Next Challenge. The Chemical Company Facts & figures. Future of the Chemical Industry Demographic Challenges Set the Stage Nine billion people in 2050 but only one earth. Sustainability and innovation as main drivers. Chemistry as enabler. Sustainable Innovations Resources, Environment & Climate Food & Nutrition Quality of life Chemistry as enabler for many customer industries. From Chemicals to Systems The Renaissance of Diketopyrrolopyrrole (DPP) From Colorant to Semiconductor. Printed Electronics at BASF Customized System Solution Provider. Dielectric NO formulation system for spin-coating, surface treatment/ repair nR1 Semiconductor formulation based for different coating/printing technologies Contact Modifier different formulation systems, cleaning/stripping & activation solutions. Slot-die (Blade) Coating direction100 mn Unidirectional distribution of film morphology induced by coating direction n Anisotropy of transistor performance ielectric PMMA n High transistor uniformity. Co-adsorbate for controlling of dye aggregation. Synthesis, modeling, formulation, printing, device building & testing, etc.

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