Intelligence to make better decisions faster
Intelligence to make better decisions faster

About VLSIresearch






VLSIresearch is a privately owned company and is not related to any other company or product with the name ‘VLSI’.  Its owners participate in the day-to-day operations of the company.  The executive members at VLSIresearch consist of a thoroughly qualified and well-seasoned team.  Collectively, they bring more than 100 years of direct industry experience to bear upon industry issues.


2002 VLSIresearch’s founder, Jerry Hutcheson, received SEMI’s coveted Bob Graham Award for pioneering and developing the semiconductor equipment industry’s first databases.  These became a critical mainstay of decision making for industry leaders.
2012 G. Dan Hutcheson received SEMI’s coveted Bob Graham Award for outstanding contributions in marketing. His email newsletter, The Chip Insider®, contains a mix of industry insider facts, forecasts, market opportunities and threats, as well as industry debates among recipients. His book, Maxims of Tech, chronicles how our Industry’s leaders have innovated — providing key business lessons. Together, his activities empower executives with strategic and tactical marketing value.


Since the early eighties VLSIresearch has been the only market research firm to consistently gauge the direction of growth.  The company has always driven to deliver data and services with the most advanced methods, such as the internet and dynamic databases.  Its innovations include being the first to use demand-based forecasting; the first to model semiconductor inventories in forecasts; the first to use cost-of-ownership models for evaluating equipment; the first to perform customer satisfaction surveys; the first semiconductor industry research firm to apply capacity and inventory models in forecasting; the first to use pricing data to capture supply demand imbalances. 


VLSIresearch's significant market research results, innovations and early predictions include the following highlights:




  • Demand-based forecasting with a fully tiered model of the economy, electronics, semiconductors, and equipment
  • First subscription service on Semiconductor Manufacturing


  • The first Cost-of-Ownership models for evaluating equipment

- Used to predict Stepper’s defeat of Projection and e-Beam lithography

  • The first subscription full service market-research on semiconductor equipment


  • The first to forecast the semiconductor industry downturn
  • First quarterly forecasts of the semiconductor supply chain
  • Proves affordability of rapidly increasing wafer fab costs
  • Private Customer Satisfaction Surveys


  • The application of desktop publishing
  • Systematically updated demand driving forces, such as data on silicon wafers by device type, line width and devices by package type


  • Relational databases on the chip making industry
  • The first to model inventory and capacity effects in forecasts


  • Portable research


  • Introduced 10 BEST Customer Satisfaction Surveys on Chip Making Industry
  • Cell-based market segmentation to track Emerging ICs
  • Predicted peak of Japan’s rise to dominance before the end of the decade


  • System-value modeling to establish Emerging IC market potential
  • Predicted Mobility as the next wave of electronics after personal computing


  • First Cost of Ownership model for phase-shift lithography


  • The first to use neural networks for forecasting


  • Customers rate VLSIresearch the Top Market Research Company in Electronic Business’ Report Card on Market Researchers
  • The first to use chaos theory in business modeling
  • Predicts rapid emergence of CMP


  • Predicted 10 year gestation for 300mm


  • Defined standard terminology for cleaving BEOL and FEOL process flows


  • Demonstrated that the number of competitors in a market is a function of R&D


  • Monthly industry forecasts
  • The Weather Report for weekly regional order activity tracking
  • Predicted maskless lithography would not be a viable NGL and that Optical Exposure would be extended at least another 10 years


  • Use of weekly chip pricing as a driver for semiconductor demand forecast
  • Chip Price Performance Index
  • Predicted Dotcom crash


  • The offering of all of its services on the internet
  • First quarterly market share tracking of the semiconductor equipment industry
  • February prediction of 2001 crash, quarters ahead of anyone else


  • Critical Subsystems market research service
  • First work on 450mm wafers
  • Predicted EUV to win out over 4 alternative technologies


  • Weekly Graphics File covering all critical activities affecting semiconductor and equipment markets
  • Predicts 193nm immersion will rise to postpone EUV emergence


  • Dynamic databases on the internet
  • The Chip Insider® videos of key executives


  • Worldwide electronic sales on a monthly basis
  • Launch of The Chip History Center


  • Predicts 15-20 year gestation for 450mm, rumors of CMOS’s death overstated and Hi-k to be the next big material innovation


  • ‘Maxims -- The extreme sport of high technology business’ published


  • Introduced networking site for technologists

 - Sessions in Hi-Tech, Med-Tech, and Green Tech

  • Silicon demand by device type and line width


  • Nano Manufacturing equipment forecast that covered IC, FPD, PV Cell, HDD, MEMs and Optical Disc Manufacturing markets


  • Weekly IC sales tracking
  • Weekly Electronics Sales Activity Index


  • Weekly pricing data on key electronics devices


  • Launch of Semiconductor Analytics with a weekly tracking of industry’s key performance indicators


  • Semiconductor Week introduced to provide the industry a snapshot of VLSresearch’s weekly research activities


  • Demonstrated end-market value of metrology
  • First to identify mobile device price deterioration
  • Demonstrated that Moore’s Law and semiconductor innovation was emergent
  • 3DNAND impact on lithography demand assessed


  • Market Scenarios for Slowing Moore’s Law
  • How Japan’s Best Companies Prevailed over the Lost Decades
  • TSMC’s wafer cost analysis


  • On-Demand Response Tracking of Customer Satisfaction surveys
  • Failure Analysis Equipment Market Analysis
  • Advanced Packaging Demand
  • The Market Value Created by Moore’s Law


  • How Emergent Markets Drive Demand
  • Hierarchy of Markets and Technologies
  • VLSI celebrates its 40th Anniversary


  • How Artificial Intelligence will drive silicon
  • Intel's Strategy: Just One Word … "Data"
  • Advanced Packaging WFE Market


  • The BitCoin Mining IC Rush
  • Artificial Intelligence 901: Why the competition is so hot
  • What would it take for China to become a major IC manufacturing region
  • WFE by Customer Type

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