Top 10 Probe Card Suppliers for 2016 released by VLSIresearch

    April 7, 2017: VLSIresearch today released its report detailing the 2016 Top 10 Suppliers of Probe Cards to the semiconductor industry.  

    The Top five suppliers, FormFactor, Micronics Japan, Technoprobe, JEM, and MPI Corp maintained their positions and gained market share. FormFactor’s dominance in the number one spot was further enhanced by its acquisition of Cascade Microtech in mid 2016. FEINMETALL, headquartered in Herrenberg, Germany made it into the top 10 for the first time.

    The first half of 2016 saw slow demand for integrated circuits, but a booming second half lifted the sales of probe cards into positive territory at +0.2% for the year. However, flat overall sales hid the real story of 2016, in which sales for non-memory applications grew strongly by 11%.  Unfortunately, this gain was completely offset by a fall of 17% for memory applications. The downward trajectory of memory affected Micronics Japan and JEM in particular, given their increased exposure in this area.

    John West, Managing Director, VLSIresearch Europe commented: “With no change in the top five from 2015 to 2016 we have seen FormFactor’s dominance of the number one spot further enhanced by its acquisition of Cascade Microtech in mid-2016.  The acquisition also accounts for Cascade’s drop to number nine from a position of six in 2015. Technoprobe also continues to perform well and we’ve seen the European company growing year on year since 2010 – seven straight years of exceptional growth. The outlook for 2017 is for probe card for memory applications to recover and for non-memory applications to continue the strong growth trend, resulting in predicted sales of $1.47Bn.”

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