Intelligence to make better decisions faster
Intelligence to make better decisions faster



Advantest’s Results and Outlook – FY2016, ending March 2017




  • Revenue slightly off in FY2016. Strong 4Q.
    • SOC tester sales strong in 1H, Memory in 2H
    • SOC tester market hit by smartphone inventory adjustment in 4Q
    • DRAM and NAND tester demand strong
    • Production capacity strained by strong 2H
    • Mechatronics revenue off 20%
    •  Service revenue flat
    • Heavy 20% drop in photomask inspection equipment demand
    • Impact of strong yen significant
  • Orders up 9% overall, Backlogs +26%
    • Memory orders increased in Korea
    • Automotive increased in Japan and Europe
    • Smart phone related demand increased in Taiwan while lower in US.


Prospects for FY 2017:

  • Expect non-memory tester market to decline
    • Demand for smartphones steady
      • But slow start due to smartphone inventory adjustment in China
    • Interest in high-speed wireless networks and the Advanced Driver Assistance System
    • Strong demand for Organic EL panel tester 
  • Memory tester market forecasted to rise 25%
    • Driven by 3D NAND
      • Front-end, Burn-in, and Back-end test demand strong
    • DRAM being driven by server and smartphone
    • Capacity expansion for memory tester
      • Higher speed & larger capacity in DRAM & 3D NAND
  • Mechatronics to recover in step with Memory testers


Signs of Change in Test

  • Further Digital Transportation

o   AI, AR, VR,0 IoT, 5G, Hyper-scale data centers, Smart cars, etc.

  • Higher chip speeds and greater complexity & more of the System is on Chip

o   Increasing difficulty in failure detection

o   Need tighter reliability guarantees

  • Driving greater need for test

o   Requiring total test solutions that reduce design and production time

o   New methods

o   More innovation needed


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Investor Relations: ADVT

Report File: VCR_ADVTt_170501


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