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    Top 5 Test & Burn-In socket Suppliers of 2016

    September 5, 2017: VLSIresearch releases latest report detailing the 2016 Top five Suppliers of Test and Burn-in Sockets to the semiconductor industry. 

    The Top five suppliers, Yamaichi Electronics, Enplas, ISC, Smiths Connectors and LEENO Industrial accounted for more than 38% of the total market in 2016, an increase of 3% on the previous year. Yamaichi, a supplier of both test sockets and burn-in sockets, was the largest supplier with sales of over $118M, $27M ahead of its nearest rival, Enplas. In second place, Enplas, specialist suppliers of burn-in sockets, enjoyed a highly successful year with growth of 32%, widening the gap between it and third place suppliers, ISC.  ISC, Smiths Connectors and LEENO, the leading test socket suppliers, retained their ranking positions of third, fourth, and fifth, respectively.

    In 2016, Japanese socket suppliers as a group were the strongest performers with revenue growth rates above average. The test and burn-in socket market is highly fragmented and Yamaichi is the only company that has been able to achieve more than a 10% share of the combined market for test sockets and burn-in sockets.

    John West, Managing Director, VLSIresearch Europe commented: “This market is now worth over $1 Billon and growing. The ongoing technical challenges of higher pin count and finer pitch combined with strong semiconductor demand are resulting in a dynamic industry. Growth for 2017 is on track to exceed 12%”.

     Top five Suppliers of Semiconductor Test and Burn-in Sockets 2016

    The source of this data came from analysis published in VLSI’s Test and Burn-In Socket report. More information is available here:


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