FD-SOI and 22FDX: Why it turned hot in 2016

    VLSIresearch has never been big on SOI based on the lower processed wafer cost argument promoted by some consultants. Then GLOBALFOUNDRIES showed 22FDXô which had real differentiable features potentially disruptive features for the new power-stingy world, such as IoT. According to G. Dan Hutcheson, the ability to have real-time trade-offs in power and performance via software-controlled body-biasing of the transistor is a fundamental advantage not available in bulk CMOS, VLSIresearch reported. In a survey of designers and decision makers, body biasing, power, leakage, parasitics, variation and FD were the top reasons to design with FD-SOI, Hutcheson reported.Plus the design complexity of finFET is also prompting designers to favor a move SOI, as the latter has shorter time to market. Of course, FD wonít replace finFET, but they will co-exist because they have unique benefits. The proof point is that some companies choose both for implementation in different parts of their product portfolios. The advantage of 22FDX is 22FDX is itís extremely low Vdd & min power specs. Plus, itís depletion mode transistor makes it inherently better for analog. For more information, please refer to 'FD SOI: Disruptive or Just Another Process?' for a full presentation from Dan Hutcheson.

    May 24, 2016


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