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    China to Reach 15% of Worldwide Wafer Fab Capacity by 2018

     Currently there are 8 Chinese 300mm Fabs in operation as 2016 comes to a close. Chinese 300mm Wafer Fab capacity now accounts for approximately 7% of worldwide 300mm capacity, as reported by VLSIresearch in a recent edition of Critical Subsystems. This will expand rapidly, as 10 are now under construction and 2 more have been announced. China’s 300mm fabs are located in 10 cities. “Total Chinese capacity expected to be around 13 million by end 2018,” said John West of VLSIresearch. Worldwide 300mm wafer fabrication capacity will exceed 85 million wafers per year in 2018, putting China in control of 15% of worldwide 300mm capacity in 2018. While new Chinese fabs have yet to prove they can produce leading edge silicon with high yields, it should be only a matter of time before they prove they stand among the world’s great semiconductor production regions.


    November 2016

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