Semiconductor Market Research Service Uploads – November 12, 2019

    ForecastPro Module

    CapEx spending trends improved significantly in the second half of 2019 despite a weak IC market. The surge in spending in 2H19 is long-term oriented and has been driven primarily by the top 3 spenders. Total CapEx is now expected to decline only 4% in 2019 compared to a 14% drop previously. Advanced Logic & Foundry CapEx will grow by double digits as chipmakers ramp 7nm and 10nm nodes and insert EUV in production. Memory spending will drop by double digits—although not as much as previously expected—due to oversupply. On regional basis, Taiwan will be the only region to increase spending on yearly basis thanks to a 40% surge in CapEx by TSMC.

         -  CapEx Distribution - V19.11