The Highest-Rated Suppliers of Test Connectivity Systems

    May 29, 2019


    Competition among Top Probe Card suppliers is heating as rankings in 2019 changed


    Three leading Probe Card suppliers were in competition for the top spot in VLSI's Customer Satisfaction Survey on Test Connectivity Systems, each capturing a coveted VLSI 5 Star rating.  Technoprobe took the top spot for a second year in a row. Nidec SV TCL jumped into second place with the highest improvement among the top three.  FormFactor took third position with an increase of 7 basis points from last year.

    Japan Electronic Materials is also recognized by users of Test Connectivity Systems earning 4 VLS Stars.

    Congratulations to the 2019 highest-rated suppliers of Test Connectivity Systems below who received ratings from 83 different companies.

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    About the 2019 VLSIresearch Customer Satisfaction Survey

    VLSIresearch received feedback from more than 86% of the chip market and 87% of subsystems customers for this year's survey. The survey spans 2 months and covers five languages. Worldwide participants were asked to rate equipment suppliers among fourteen categories based on three key factors: supplier performance, customer service, and product performance. 1,820 surveys were returned, resulting in 24,514 total responses.


    The VLSIresearch annual Customer Satisfaction Survey is the only publicly available opportunity since 1988 for customers to provide feedback for suppliers of semiconductor equipment and subsystems. The 10 BEST, THE BEST, and RANKED 1st awards provide special recognition to suppliers that are rated highest by their customers.


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    The VLSI Stars rating scale:

     9 to 10       8.5 to <9       8 to <8.5       7.5 to <8       7 to <7.5


    About VLSIresearch

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