Top 10 Critical Subsystem Suppliers of 2014


    VLSIresearch released its 2014 Top 10 Suppliers of Critical Subsystems to the Semiconductor and Related Manufacturing Industries today. Sales of critical subsystems increased 8% to a value of $8.1Bn in 2014 and seven of the top 10 suppliers achieved double-digit sales growth. The top 10 suppliers now account for 50% of all critical subsystems sales.


    There were no changes in the rankings list this year due to stable market conditions and the absence of major mergers and acquisitions. Carl Zeiss SMT maintained its top spot among critical subsystems suppliers with sales of lenses valued at $1260M while Edwards, in second place, narrowed the gap slightly by growing sales by 19% to $660M. MKS Instruments also outgrew the market as it benefited from strong sales across its extensive product range to hold third place with sales of $508M. Brooks Automation lost ground with sales declining slightly, but still managed to keep fourth place just ahead of Pfeiffer Vacuum. Advanced Energy had a solid year and asserted its dominance of the RF power subsystems market by growing 15% to retain sixth place. Horiba and EBARA Corporation kept seventh and eighth place respectively with Ultra Clean Technology taking ninth. Finally, Ichor Systems managed to just stay ahead of ASML by putting in a good performance with sales increasing 15% to retain tenth.


    Acquisitions that were completed in 2013 started to make a difference in 2014. ASML jumped up to eleventh through their acquisition of Cymer as revenues were boosted by higher average selling prices of EUV lasers to a value of $171M. Entegris’ acquisition of ATMI pushed them up from 23rd to 19th.

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