Logistics slow semiconductor sales

    Semiconductor Analytics: April 1, 2020
    G. Dan Hutcheson
    Semiconductor sales slowed significantly last week as logistics issues from COVID-19 slowed OEM shipment levels. It also re-infected the 1Q20/1Q19 Semiconductor Nowcast. DRAM, NAND, Logic, Auto, Analog & Power IC sales were all below 2019 levels, with Auto, Analog & Power the hardest hit. The positive was the weather warmed from Cold to Chilly. At 61° F it's a couple of degrees warmer. Semiconductor Supply-Demand held at Saturated last week. DRAM dipped from Tight to Balanced. There was no change for NAND, IDM, Foundry, OSATs, or Analog and Power. The 1Q20 Nowcast is close to closing in Tight conditions due to last year's low and a strong January.

    Coronavirus Semiconductor Market Watch
    The 8-week cumulative impact of COVID-19 on the semiconductor market since the WHO declared the emergency continued to attenuate. IC sales equal to their 5-year TMA. The cumulative for unit shipments is more than 20% below and prices are up well over 20%. - For faster updates, look for ChipChirpsTM on the VLSIresearch app for iOS and Android