Wild Photons, Strategies & Tactics - September 28, 2018

    September 28, 2018 – Strategy and Tactics: AI: Where’s the Chip? The IoT Trojan Horse Business Model  WildPhotons:  There are no solutions — Only trade offs

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    AI: Where’s the Chip? AI is turning out to be more an evolution in chip technology than a revolution. Growth in NPU share of die area in APUs is outstripping that of CPU and GPU core. It has to do with the computational workloads of neural networks and evolving business models. This is a new demand driver.


    The IoT Trojan Horse Business Model: It’s completely new. Using IoT as a Trojan Horse into the home to sell subscriptions from the Cloud with AI models. How Amazon’s Alexa is demonstrating the business case.


    Q&A:  Different versions of Moore’s Law slowing. Charts that cherry pick devices versus industry-wide density. Which is right and why the new metric? When it comes to paper, there’s conferences and then there’s cash. It’s a lot easier to prove something in a conference room than it is in a market.


    Maxims Reloaded: Look like a duck: cool and collected on the surface, while paddling hard underneath.  Stop paddling and you will be a sitting duck. How Intel and Andy Grove demonstrated this in the RISC/CISC battle of the eighties.