Manjesh Singh, VLSI Research Inc

Dr. Singh has spent the past 20 years in Information Technology (IT) focused on advanced Internet technology development. He currently serves as Chief Technology Officer for VLSIresearch and is responsible for leading the company’s technology development pipelines, driving company engineering initiatives and collaboration, and overseeing VLSIresearch’s IT organization. This includes directing all code development and SEO for multiple web sites.

Manjesh is a visionary and goal-oriented IT Senior Executive with a proven track record of doing more with less. This is evidenced by his taking VLSIresearch’s core Internet technology through multiple generations; being an early adopter of open source, to replace VLSIresearch’s expensive proprietary systems; and setting up VLSIresearch’s offshore development center in India. His passionate focus on executing technology innovation has kept VLSIresearch on the cutting edge, well ahead of organizations with far larger resources.

Under Manjesh’s leadership, VLSIresearch has expanded from the early infancy of the Internet through web 2.0, while developing multiple websites. It also developed a complete client service portal using open source code. Manjesh was also critically responsible for taking VLSIresearch’s internationally known Customer Satisfaction Survey from paper to a multi-language internet version with a complete analytical backend for automated data collection, analysis, and publication.

Prior to joining VLSIresearch Manjesh was Senior Director of Operations at New Moon where he Managed IT, Client Services, Technical Support, Pre-Sales, Professional Services, and QA Groups. The technology his team developed there was sold to Tarantella, which was acquired by Sun Microsystems and eventually sold to Google in 2005. Manjesh holds PhD and Master’s degrees in Physics from Bhopal University, India.

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