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    RF-SOI: Enabling New Levels of Integration

     May 6, 2016

    RF HPA Applications and Technology: Wireless Front-Ends- RF SOI and SiGe PA- Power Amplifiers, Antenna Switch, PA Controllers. Wireline Front-Ends: High Performance SiGe- Optical Fiber Networks, TIA, LA, Laser Drivers, Photodetectors, Photonics. mmWave: High Performance SiGe- 5G Wireless, Automotive Radar, 60GHz WiFi and Backhaul MW. High Performance Analog: Complementary BiCMOS- DSL Line Drivers, HDD PreAmp for Cloud Storage, OpAmps, DAC, ADC. While individual forecasts vary, there is a unanimous consensus: IoT will have a massive economic impact. RF Technology will be the key driver for IoT.

    Important Tags: Power Management, Digital World, Optical Fiber Networks, 5G Wireless, RF Technology, Wireless FEM
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    Category: Semiconductors

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