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    RFSOI-on-HR-Si Technologies for Wireless Reconfigurable Applications

      Julio Costa
     Jun 6, 2016

    IIP3 Requirements For 4G Networks: 4G Standards require unprecedented levels of component linearity, 85-90dBm IP3 requirements will be needed at critical components where TX/RX co-exist, RF Tuners and TR switches most affected by such requirements. Chronology of RFSOI-on-HRSi Technology: SIMOX substrates introduced, 50% speed/power improvement over bulk, RD -> production, Demonstration of fully integrated switches / RFIC / controllers, Performance limited by lack of low-cost High Res silicon substrate, SIMOX yields problematic for large volume product, SmartCut process dramatically improves yield and drives digital volume, Low Cost 1000 Ohm-cm silicon substrates introduced, RFSOI foundry development starts.

    Important Tags: RFSOI Market, RF Signals, RFSOI NFET Transistor, MOM Capacitors, Packaging Technologies
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