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    RITdb – Rich Interactive Test Database Advantages for Test

      Stacy Ajouri
     Feb 18, 2016

    RITdb Advantages: Addresses the weaknesses of STDF4- Better field definitions, Enhanced extensibility, Support for adaptive test, Smaller size/faster access; Single simple extensible data model that can capture- Etest, probe and final test datalogs, Equipment configuration information, Equipment events, adaptive controls and results, etc; Real-time streaming model that will: Combine and synchronize data from multiple sources, Enable monitoring and other real-time applications; Plug-and-Play of components from multiple suppliers- consumers and producers linked through SEMI standard messages and data format.

    Important Tags: ITRS Model, Business Data, RITdb Structure, RITdb Datalogs, RITdb Translator
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    Category: Semiconductors

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