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    Sapphire Substrate Technology Trends and Markets

      David Tuo
     Oct 13, 2014

    Sapphire PSS Trends: PSS sapphire substrate will still be the main street in 2013, PSS foundries acting either as contractors for LED or Sapphire maker or selling PSS wafers directly to LED makers,capture more than 30% of sapphire substrate revenue. Sapphire wafer pricingtrends: z Sapphire shortage in 2009 and 2010 but tremendous additional investment and capacity came on line in 2011; z 2" wafer prices might stabilize in 2013 with around $8; z 4" & 6" wafer prices might slow down the decline of the blended ASP. z Downward price pressure drive tier one sapphire suppliers to switch on 4" & 6" for differentiation. Impact of Diameter: Toward larger wafer: Sapphire: the largest commercial substrates for GaN LEDs – wide range of diameters, ability to scale to larger wafer sizes. Wafer thickness increases with diameter. Larger diameters are also associated with lower material yields due to higher sensitivity to defects. Growth of larger crystals: Extraction of longer co Mix product system vs. Mono product systeme. R-plane Sapphire Substrate: Roadmap of R-plane substrate: On axis growth, Off axis growth. Goal: semi polar LED+Non-polar LED(reduce QCSE, higher IQE); R-plane sapphire wafer for SoS applications (higher RF performance,lower footprint and energy consumption).

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