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    Scenarios for Leveraging Flash Memory

      Darpan Dinker
     Jan 2, 2014

    This electronics presentation is about Scenarios for Leveraging Flash Memory. Achieving Flash Memory’s Full Potential. The agenda: Flash memory application in the data -center, Why focus on balanced systems, Architectural approaches to exploit Flash, Scenarios to leverage Flash and Lessons learned. The Architectural Approaches to Exploiting Flash Memory: Augment main-memory which consists Directly (Mmap, system paging, custom kernel) and Indirectly (object cache). Cache blocks of magnetic storage which consists Disjoint from storage (WB or WT) and Integrated with storage. And Replace magnetic storage which consists DAS, NAS or SAN. The Scenarios for Leveraging Flash Memory include Applications are IO bound, Lots of random IO, Prepare for data growth, Heavily virtualized environment, Prepare for unpredictable load, Improved response time / SLAs, Improved reliability and Save on space, power, cooling. Don’t Trust the Folk Lore because it Can observe response time and throughput improvements for most IO-bound workloads after exploiting Flash, but Nothing close to 100X theoretical improvement, Most existing software applications unable to push IOPS and May observe “write cliff” for workloads with heavy writes. Know the Technology in it Consumer grade vs. enterprise grade device, Random writes and non-uniform size writes in which Algorithmic differences between vendors for space and wear management, IOPS is not everything in production in which Determine distribution and sustained latency and Does the device really offer “durability”?, Compression in devices fare differently based on data and Monitor SMART metrics. Know About the Form Factor: 1 SAS with 1 PCIe Flash device is apples : oranges comparison for throughput. SAS/SATA based Flash which Easier to RAID, Typically hot swappable and easy to replace and Not all HBAs are built to match Flash speeds. The PCIe based Flash Typically offer IOs with lower latency and Convenient to add to existing systems for caching.

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