Auto IC Sales form a Super-V

    Semiconductor Analytics: September 9, 2020
    G. Dan Hutcheson G. Dan Hutcheson

    VLSI's Semiconductor Analytics report

    Semiconductor sales returned to 2019 levels last week, pointing towards a weak end-of-quarter finish. Still, the quarter has been strong. The 3Q20 Nowcast slumped to +17%. It continues to favor DRAM and NAND, which swapped places. Logic is also headed to a strong 3Q finish.

    Semiconductor Supply & Demand rose to Tight last week, driven by significant improvements in DRAM, Analog & Power. Foundry and OSAT held at Balanced, despite cooling weather for both, with the Back-to-School bump over. Wafer starts will now get to market just in time for the holidays.

    This week's focus is on Auto ICs, which have recovered from the COVID crash and are in the midst of a huge V recovery, with some weeks well above 2019 levels.

    Auto IC Sales form a Super-V
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